Tabular Regression with the command line interface#

NeurEco executable for Tabular models (Regression, Compression, Classification) is called NeurEcoDNN. It can be called directly from a terminal / powershell after a full installation of NeurEco.


When using a portable version of the software, make sure to add its bin directory to the environment variable PATH.

To call the executable, run the following command:


which will output:

     _   __                ______
    / | / /__  __  _______/ ____/________
   /  |/ / _ \/ / / / ___/ __/ / ___/ __ \
  / /|  /  __/ /_/ / /  / /___/ /__/ /_/ /
 /_/ |_/\___/\__,_/_/  /_____/\___/\____/
                 === A D A G O S ===

Version: 4.01.2591.0 Compiled with MSVC v1928  Dec  5 2022 Matlab runtime:no
OpenMP: yes
MKL: yes
Version Ref: 27284d298a51ac68c0443ce3e5caee63cd26acb0
usage: neurecoDNN [-h] [command <parameters>]

Entry point for NeurEco model building and evaluation.

build <configurationFilename>
          build a neureco model from a given input solution/input set.
evaluate <configurationFilename>
          evaluate a deepROM model from a given excitation.
exportC <NeurecoFilename path> <CFilename path> <precision>
exports NeurecoFilename model as an .h file

exportFMU <NeurecoFilename path> <fmuFilename path> <platform identifier>
    export NeurecoFilename model as an FMU file
  platform: 1=windows, 2=linux, 3=both, default: both.

exportONNX <NeurecoFilename path> <ONNXFilename path> <precision>
exports NeurecoFilename model as an ONNX file

exportVBA <NeurecoFilename path> <VBA Filename path> <precision>
exports NeurecoFilename model as an .bas file


Optional arguments:
-h, --help   show this message and exit

Functionalities available via a call to executable: build, evaluate and export model.