Getting started with NeurEco#


To download and install NeurEco 4.0, click on the relevant link:



Windows msi:

Windows portable:

MacOS arm:

For more details about the installation of Neureco, please refer to Installing NeurEco.


Running NeurEco requires a license. Run the hardware_info command and send the resulting hardware_info.txt file to the Adagos team at this address:

Using NeurEco#

NeurEco offers two types of solutions: NeurEco Tabular and NeurEco Discrete Dynamic. Each solution can be used from the following NeurEco interfaces:

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Python application programming interface (Python API)

  • The command line interface

Regardless of the interface/solution used, there are three essential functions that NeurEco offers:

  • Build a model by simply providing the dataset.

  • Evaluate the model on new data sets

  • Export the model for the deployment phase. The embed license allows to export to the standard formats.

The following flowchart gives a starting idea of which NeurEco template to choose for the problem at hand: