Input sweep with the GUI#

NeurEco offers the user of the tabular solution the possibility to perform an input sweep. Meaning that for each model, when all the inputs except the one to sweep are set to a certain value, we can check the evolution of each output when the chosen input moves across the entire range of its possible values (these values are deduced from the dataset chosen). The output of this operation is a plot of the chosen output evolution, with an emphasis on the point corresponding to the real input given in the initial sample.

  • Switch to Evaluation panel

  • Click on Input sweep

  • Choose a dataset from Evaluation files and click on it

  • Choose a sample in the dataset (Sample slider)

  • In the Input sweep window set the Input and Outputs (multiple output features can be plotted in the same graph)

  • GUI shows the input sweep graph, like the one bellow:

Tabular network input sweep example

Tabular network input sweep example#