Evaluate NeurEco Compression model with GUI#

  • Switch to the Evaluation tab

    **Evaluate** tab for **Tabular Compression**

    Evaluate tab for Tabular Compression#

  • Choose the file to evaluate in Evaluation files section:

    • If the file was supplied in Settings for Build, it is already listed in Evaluation files

    • To add new file for evaluation, press + in Additional section of Evaluation files

  • Once the input file clicked, the results of evaluation are displayed, both the compression coefficients and the final decompression. Here inputs file x_test.csv was added and evaluated:

    Results of **Evaluate** for **Tabular Compression**

    Results of Evaluate for Tabular Compression#

  • To save the results of evaluation into a CSV, NumPy or MAT-file, click Export prediction and choose the name of file and its destination. The results of the decompression are saved in the specified file, and the corresponding compression coefficients into the file with the same name augmented by suffix _compressed. If the box Also export original files is checked, the input file will be exported as well.


By default, the evaluation is performed with the last model available in the checkpoint.
Use the checkpoint slider in the bottom to choose any other available model and Evaluate with it.