Installing NeurEco on Linux Debian#

There are two options to install NeurEco with administrator privileges on Debian:

  • Option 1: Launch the deb installer and follow the instructions.

  • Option 2: Launch the installation using gdebi as follows:

    1sudo gdebi adagos-neureco-yourVersion.deb
    2sudo gdebi adagos-neurecogui-QTversion-yourVersion.deb


  • For Debian version >= to 12 please install the GUI QT6 package, otherwise the GUI QT5 package

  • If python API or NeurEco GUI is not able to locate the NeurEco libraries, make sure that the directory “/usr/local/lib” is added to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

  • If the file “” is not found on the machine NeurEco throws an error. Make sure to install “libomp1”.

To use NeurEco without administrator privileges, the user needs to unzip the installation deb file. It contains all the files needed for NeurEco to function properly. To unzip the installation deb file, please use the following command:

dpkg-deb -x adagos-neureco-your-version.deb directory-where-to-unzip


When the product is used without an installation, the user must add the NeurEco bin folder to the PATH environment variable or respect the following conditions:

  • When using the NeurEco python API, always instantiate the NeurEco objects with the full path of the NeurEco shared library addresses: “…bin/” for the Tabular solution and “…bin/” for the Dynamic solution.

  • The adagos-neureco and the adagos-neurecogui packages need to be extracted in the same directory. The third-party dependencies of the GUI need to be present on the machine:

    • For QT5: qt5-default, libqt5svg5, qml-module-qtquick-controls, qml-module-qtquick-controls2

    • For QT6: lib$qt6svg6, qml6-module-qtquick-controls, qml6-module-qtquick-layouts, qml6-module-qtquick-templates, qml6-module-qtqml-workerscript, qml6-module-qtquick-window

  • Make sure that the “libompl” package is present on the machine.