NeurEco Discrete Dynamic#

NeurEco Discrete Dynamic template works with uniformly spaced time series. Given the excitation input time series and corresponding outputs, the Discrete Dynamic template creates a recurrent neural network model capable of stable long-term predictions. These models can simulate not only strongly nonlinear (nearly chaotic) phenomena and highly dynamic(long-term) problems

NeurEco Dynamic requires neureco_dynamic license. This license gives access to all functionalities for Dynamic except for the export of the model to the formats other than the native binary files.

Even though the size limiting feature was developed with a view to increase even more the model’s embeddability (see Control the size of the NeurEco Discrete Dynamic model during Build), for user’s flexibility this feature is made available under neureco_dynamic license. An add-on license is required only when preparing for actual embedding of the NeurEco model.

An add-on license neureco_dynamic_embed is a license specific for export to FMU format (see, for example, Export NeurEco Discrete Dynamic model with GUI).

For a quickstart tutorial, see NeurEco Discrete Dynamic quickstart tutorial

For a full documentation, see Discrete Dynamic