Illustrative test cases for Tabular Compression#


This is a synthetic compression dataset that comes with the NeurEco installation. This test case is a collection of parameterized Heaviside functions of the following form:

\[x \geq a_2 => H(x) = a_1\]
\[x < a_2 => H(x) = -1\]
\[0 \leq x \leq 20\]

For example, if \(a1=-0.2\) and \(a2=8\), the corresponding function \(H(x)\) is:


The test case is provided with the following files:

  • Training data set containing \(400\) samples

    • x_train.csv: the training inputs file

  • Testing data set containing \(100\) samples

    • x_test.csv: the testing inputs file

Each sample in the data sets was generated with a random value of a jump \(a_1\) situated in a random integer coordinate \(2 \leq a_2 \leq 17\)