Export NeurEco Compression model with the command line interface#

By default, NeurEco saves models in its binary format .ednn.
A NeurEco embed license allows to export .ednn models to the following formats.
NeurEco Tabular export formats#






The Functional Mock-up Interface (or FMI) defines a standardized interface to be used in computer simulations to develop complex cyber-physical systems. More details are available at these pages: https://fmi-standard.org/, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_Mock-up_Interface


double, float, float16

The Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) is an open-source artificial intelligence ecosystem of technology companies and research organizations that establish open standards for representing machine learning algorithms and software tools to promote innovation and collaboration in the AI sector. More details are available at these pages: https://onnx.ai, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Neural_Network_Exchange

C format

double or float

generates a header file containing a C representation of the neural network inside a single procedure.

VBA format

double or float

generates a visual basic macro representing the neural network for the use from Excel files.

To export the model to a C format (header_file) in double precision,run:

neurecoDNN exportC path/to/saved/model.ednn path/where/to/save/model.h double

To export the model to the ONNX format in float16 precision, run:

neurecoDNN exportONNX path/to/saved/model.ednn path/where/to/save/model.onnx float16

To export the model to the VBA format in float precision, run:

neurecoDNN exportVBA path/to/saved/model.ednn path/where/to/save/model.onnx float

To export the model to the FMU format, run:

neurecoDNN exportFMU path/to/saved/model.ednn path/where/to/save/model.fmu