Data preparation for NeurEco Compression with GUI#

The GUI interface expects the data for model construction or evaluation in form of paths to files containing the data.

  • The supported formats are:

    • CSV with “;” or “,” separator;

    • NumPy .npy

    • MATLAB MAT-files .mat

  • Files contain the numerical data, allowed types: int, float, double

  • Any input file contains a table with:

    • number of lines equal to a number of samples

    • number of columns equal to a number of input features

    • CSV files could have one additional line for a header

  • The target values of the Compression problem are equal to its inputs, so only input file is required

  • The data can be provided in chunks, in multiple input files

There is no need to normalize the data, as the normalization is handled by NeurEco, Data normalization for Tabular Regression.